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May. 22nd, 2010



So yesterday i want to Bamboozle with a friend. Let me tell you it was a GREAT way to start off the summer early. :] It was great, got to see mostly all of my band. Good Charlotte was there witch I haven't seen then in 5years. But I kinda felt guilt that my sister couldn't come to see Hanson. D: But ever all I had a wonderful time. haha, I get to talk to Ziggy, Marc and CALEB!!! but I don't care what people say Marc gives the best hugs! and of course Caleb's won't that bad either. Anddd of course there's Ziggy's hugs. Story time, so it was me and my friend Chelsea and a girl we got to talk to named Liz. haha, so anyways Caleb was walking round a corner and cheslea was like "hey, that looks a hole like Caleb." then I said "Because it is him." and ohh man she was shacking like a crazy. haha it was just a fun way to start of the summer. :]
One last thing, Were going to see them again June 25 like a early 18th birthday present. :D

Apr. 25th, 2010


new yorkk!

So, im on a train heading to new york city with my mother. Doing to go see ftsk and otherr stuff of course. haha, im at the Pilly train station and it pretty emty right now. haha. so ive been have dream about caleb a lot and i have no clue what they mean....maybe iam goingcrazy...i dont know....so my mom booked us in a hotal for two nightsits like whatthe fuck yo you cant see allof new york city in two days...but im going have a great time all be sure to take a lot of pictures will im there and ill post them up on my flickr. but i have to post them late monday night or thrusday morning. The theme of the free show is past t-shirts and fake mashsates. haha you got to love them guys. There is alot of gorfety on the side of the walls. my mom just said on the road again but i said on the tracks again get it? haha so anyways maybe ill update this later, alright later!!

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Mar. 20th, 2010



Happy spring everyone. :] I'm eating a blue twin Popsicle and is awesome. So Bankeys (that has really awesome ice cream and other stuff) opened up on monday and i still havent had one. I was waiting for my friend to come back from Disney because we usually get one together when they first opened. So yeah, my mom tried to burn down the house again for the fifth time haha. One of my best friends come back yesterday I haven't talked to him since September...yeah I'm really happy about that. :D <-----see what i mean? Anywho....i found this picture of Nick and his shirtless.  see what I'm saying. H-O-T!!! ;] haha so school is going great and my last day of school is the 4th of June. Yeah I know it's pretty awesome. Today, I was working in my garden just cleaning it up to get ready to plant some stuff. I really don't have anything more to say so I'm going back outside to enjoy the reset of the day. :]

peace out.

ohhh yeah, i have to get my wisdom teeth taking out soon.

Jan. 25th, 2010


ftsk is love <3

ohhh my god i feel like i haven't done this in a longgg time!

holeeeely shitttt! im watching silent library with Forever the Sickest Kids and im laughing my ass offf!!!!
I feel so bad for Caleb, Kyle, Marc, Kent and Jonathan right now!
YAY! they have $700 now!
ohhh mannn poor Jonathan's i hope he still will have kids after
Yess! he win!
Ohh my god, caleb is so parthic
but he win $1,900
OHhmy kyle looks like an albino skeleton. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
but he win $2,700
Ewww that looks really nastyy! poor marc
ohhh man he lost
watching dudes get racked in the balls on mtv makes the fact that im watching mtv much more entertaining.
I almost peed my pants. You boys are pansies...

Ftsk Silent Library andd ftsk music vid! Yeahhhh :]
#ftsksilentlibrary was nuts.
Ohhh okay, my fun is over.
and now im wacting secret life. haha


Dec. 30th, 2009


(no subject)

Fuck this shit!
I'm so bored its not even funny...
I cant wait for school to start again.....

Well, my christmas was alright. :D
I got a Flip video, some books and a sony laptop. :D
yeah, its pretty awesome. :D

Im watching family feud. and making potato&cheese pierogi's

The second making period ends the 15th of January.
I cant believe that its going to be 2010 in two more days..
LMAO. :]

That's all i have to say for tonight. :D

Peace out,

One last thing I need to say is R.I.P James "The rev" Sullivan.
He was one of the most awesomeness drummers there was. :|

Dec. 20th, 2009


Where is my Hilary Duff O's or my Shia Labeouf Puffs.

AHHHHGGGGG, im soooo fucking happy. :D

ohhh it fucking snow last night at 11:11.
and now there is like 3 to 4 feet of snow on the ground its insane. xD


I am setting her get fat of okay white chocolate chips and cookies and listing to elvis christmas music. FUCKYEAH! :DDD

Yummmm, Shia Labeouf
thats want i want under my tree is Shia Labeouf ;D

hahaha, ill have to finish watching him kick some robot butt. :D

ohhh god i miss watching even stevens. haha

mhmm, i have a new obsession for Steven Gomez. ;}

Dec. 14th, 2009


There is Ghost Riders in the sky,

AHHHK!!!! TEN more freaking days lifted till Christmasss!!!! :D
and I have to go to school to the day before Christmas Eve.... it just SUCKSSS!! :|
PLUS, I have to get my wisdom teeth out sometime after Christmas and before New Years
WOW! what a wonderful way to start out the new year Lmao. xD

Dec. 5th, 2009


Go harry kick Voldemort's butt!

Well im in a really gooddd mood today. :D
Firstly i wake up to it SNOWINGGG!
and i get to play in it a little bit. So thats always good.
plus i wake up to Jonathan's voices. LMAO
but not really. :D

ANDDDDDD, there is 19 more days and 3 more weeks till CHRISTMASSSSS!!!!
plus my mother is playing Christmas music and putting up the tree!!!! WHOOWHOO! :D

Peace out my homies.

Nov. 30th, 2009


Suck it!

Ahhh, Caleb is one funny guy but sometimes i think he is on creak. :D
hahaha, but i cant help myself from loving him so much. x]
I cant believe its 25 more days till Christmas. I cant waitttt!
on the other hand Im going to join the musical this year but im just going to be port of the craw.
and its going to Fitter on the roof. Woo! haha it should be fun and im taking photography soon so im exited for it. :D
Taking pictures of cute boys all the time. Lmao. :]
But hopeful i get a new computer because mine is a peise of crap. haha
and a good photography camera.
Will it late and i should really be in bed right now. haha :D


Nov. 8th, 2009


(no subject)

 Ohhhhh man last night was fucking FUN!!!!!
I got to hug from Kdirty and got to talk to Ziggy!!! :D

There where people moshing and crowd surfing it was crazyyyy, I got hit in the head a cuolpe of times.
but i didn't really get hurt I just got some busies on my sides and my lags hurt like crazy.....and this guy keeped on uhmmm how do you say it grinding on me.....it was award but it's all writh it! ahaha

Jonathon was "flirting" with my friend. He winked at her it was pretty funny. and Caleb keeped looking at me
it was really weird. I was happy that he was moving around instend being all emo and having his back turned.

The Best night EVERRR!!!! 

Ohhh and The Rocket Summer was fanatic and some with Sing It Loud and My Favorite Highway!


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